Joanne MILIOS, PT Phd candidate

 Jo Milios is a Perth-based Physiotherapist from Western Australia who specialises in Men’s Health, focussing on Prostate Cancer Pre& Rehabilitation, Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Sexual Health issuesPudendal Neuralgia, Chronic Pelvic Pain and Exercise & Yoga.

Working in tandem with Urologists, GP’s, Psychologists and Sexual Health physicians, Jo has three clinics, one north of the river in Carine, one south of the river, in Palmyra and centrally in West Perth. With >25 year’s experience as a Musculoskeletal therapist, the big gap in Men’s Health services proved pivotal in her decision to specialise over a decade ago.

In recognition of the big gaps seen in Men’s Health programs in the community, Jo set up ‘PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer Inc.’, in 2012, a not-for profit organisation, with the aim of providing an exercise and peer support program for ANY man with Prostate Cancer no matter his age, stage or prognosis. As Jo is currently undertaking PhD studies at UWA’s School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health,researching the benefits of exercise and pelvic floor muscle training in men, the ‘’PROST!’’ members are often involved in research projects.

Jo has presented her research findings at several international conferences including 2015’s World Confederation for Physical Therapy in Singapore and regularly gives talk to GP’s, Allied Health Professionals, University students, media outlets and the public. As part of a team known as the “Martians’ Jo also provides workshops throughout Australia for Physiotherapists keen to update Men’s Health Physiotherapy skills and in 2016 delivered ‘Nuts & Bolts’ workshops in Portugal, Ireland & UK and in New Zealand in 2017. In July 2017 Jo introduced Men’s Health to WCPT via a Focussed Symposium with international presenters Prof Paul Hodges, Dr Ruth Jones & Gerard Green and also taught a 2 day Men’s Health course to the South African Physiotherapy Association at Stellanbosch University.

Finally, as a passionate educator and social media advocate, Jo also set up the Men’s Health Physiotherapy Facebook group in 2015 which has a closed membership of 1800 international PT’s assisting one another in patient cases and professional support.  Into the future, Jo hopes to help introduce more men to preventative health measures such as PROST! programs and Yoga so that the 5 year gap between male and female survivorship seen globally today will no longer exist . As Nelson Mandela always said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”